What is Non-Monogamy Help?

The podcast cover art of Non-Monogamy Help which shows a big olive and white striped sheet with several pairs of feet - hobbit, human tentacles and furry monster, stucking out beneath.

A weekly relationship advice column and podcast for people in non-monogamous, polyamorous or open relationships written by Lola Phoenix with the consulting help of a relationships therapist with over a decade of experience who wishes to remain anonymous sponsored by BetterHelp.

Learn more about Non-Monogamy Help or have a look through our index to find a previous column or podcast. Art by Dom Duong.

Intro Polyam Articles

Non-Mono or Polyamory 101: Thirteen Mistakes People Make When Trying Polyamory

Non-Mono or Polyamory 102: Thirteen Things I Wish I’d Learned Before Choosing Non-Monogamy


Considering Polyamory Dating Friends Emotional Responsibility and Metamours General Polyam Writings Infidelity and Sex Insecurity and Needs Long Distance Managing Difficult Emotions Reaching Out Ready For Polyamory Relationship Progression Switching Closing and Abuse